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Smart Account Manager

The Smart Account Manager, an integral part of MoonChute's offerings, is meticulously designed to offer users an enhanced experience in managing and monitoring their smart accounts. It amalgamates a variety of features under one intuitive interface.

Connecting Your Wallet

To begin your journey, simply connect your wallet. This acts as the primary step to accessing and visualizing all the smart accounts associated with your EOA (Externally Owned Account).


Dashboard Overview

Once connected, the dashboard presents:

  • Listing of Owned Smart Accounts:

    Immediately view all the smart accounts associated with your connected wallet.

    Overview of smart accounts listed in the dashboard
  • Asset Management:

    Dive deeper into each smart account to get a comprehensive list of assets, ensuring you're always informed about your crypto holdings.

    Detailed asset breakdown for a selected smart account
  • Search Functionality:

    Need to verify a friend's account or explore other smart accounts? Simply input the address into the search bar, and get instant insights into the smart accounts associated with the provided address.

    The 'Search by Address' feature in action

Transaction Capabilities

  • Smart Account Creation:

    With the Smart Account Manager, starting afresh is a breeze. Users can initiate a new smart account directly. Currently, the default plugin aiding this process is our proprietary Stealth Plugin, ensuring privacy and security from the get-go.

    Creating a new smart account
  • Sending Transactions: (Coming soon)

    Our platform is constantly evolving. Soon, users will be able to send transactions directly through the Smart Account Manager. This enhancement will not only streamline operations but also augment transactional security.

Stay tuned, as we're perpetually improving and expanding our functionalities, ensuring you always have the best tools at your disposal.