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The Problem

The integration and utility of smart accounts in dApps today is fraught with complexities and limitations. Here's a breakdown of the prevailing challenges:

  • Siloed Smart Accounts: Once a smart account is created within a dApp, its utilization outside of that environment, like listing an NFT on OpenSea, becomes intricate.

  • Developmental Challenges: Setting up bundlers and paymasters isn't straightforward. Crafting valid user operations to ensure the desired functionality adds to the intricacy.

  • Signature Complications: Unlike the standard ECDSA signature in EOA wallets, each smart account has a unique verification logic. Constructing signatures that align with these individual logics becomes non-trivial.

What is MoonChute


MoonChute presents a solution aimed at streamlining the incorporation of account abstraction within dApps for web3 developers. Through a concise integration of merely seven lines of code, developers can efficiently establish dApps equipped with inherent smart wallet support. This eradicates the cumbersome process of intricate engagements with paymasters, bundlers, and calldata constructions.

import { useSmartAccounts } from 'moonchute';

function App() {
const { data, isLoading, isError } = useSmartAccounts(<ADDRESS>, <CHAIN_ID>);

return (
{ => (
<div>{`Address: ${sa.address} / Provider: ${sa.provider}`}</div>

Key Features

  • Smart Wallet Integration: Simplifies account creation and transaction operations within dApps.

  • Efficient Setup: Full integration achieved with just seven lines of code.

  • Technical Ease: Eliminates the complexities of dealing with paymasters, bundlers, and calldata.

  • Developer-Centric Approach: Enables developers to concentrate on core dApp functionalities.

Who is MoonChute for?

  • Current dApp Developers: Integrate smart accounts effortlessly, making interactions with smart accounts as intuitive as with EOAs.

  • Account Abstraction dApp Developers: Reduce the overhead of managing intricate paymaster and bundler configurations.

  • Smart Account Plugin Developers: Leverage MoonChute's calldata construction capabilities for enhanced functionality.


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