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Discover AA-ERC20

Welcome to AA-ERC20, where we're bring fee-in-transfer transaction through account abstraction, making blockchain interactions seamless and gasless.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for users engaging with stablecoins like USDC is not just the high gas fees, but more critically, the necessity of possessing native tokens such as ETH to cover these fees. This requirement creates a substantial barrier, particularly for those new to the blockchain world who may not have ETH. It not only hinders their ability to execute transactions but also significantly limits their entry into the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Current Solutions and Limitations

Existing solutions like Circle's Gas Station and MetaTransactions present challenges for a decentralized ecosystem due to their complexity and reliance on third parties.

  • Circle's Gas Station: Part of their Web3 Services, it aims to simplify wallet integration and gas fee management for developers and users, yet it introduces intricate setups and centralized components.

  • MetaTransactions: It involves a third party, the Relayer, to handle transactions and gas fees. While these solutions address some user pain points, they deviate from the ideal of a fully decentralized system by introducing external dependencies and potentially complex procedures.

Our Solution: Decentralized Gasless Token


AA-ERC20 introduces a novel approach. Now, you can pay USDC transaction gas fees directly with USDC. This is enabled by account abstraction, and it requires no initial setup, unlike traditional methods which involve complex processes and third-party dependencies.

User-Friendly Token Wrapping and Transactions

AA-ERC20 enables users to convert their ERC20 tokens into AA-ERC20 tokens effortlessly. This wrapping process allows for transactions where fees are paid directly in AA-ERC20, eliminating the need for native currency.


Comparing AA-ERC20 with Paymaster

  • Supported EOA: AA-ERC20 supports both EOA and Smart Accounts, while Paymaster is limited to Smart Accounts only.
  • Action to Setup Trusted Party: Our gasless token requires no setup or trusted party, unlike Paymaster and MetaTransaction, which need approval and policy configurations.

A Versatile Ecosystem for Stablecoins and Authorities

Our protocol, leveraging the flexibility of account abstraction, extends its capabilities to various stablecoins and authorities, enabling them to issue their own customized gasless tokens. This adaptability allows issuers to set specific constraints for token wrapping, transferring, and withdrawal processes. Moreover, the protocol is designed to accommodate additional features like privacy-preserving mechanisms and compliance tools, thanks to the versatile nature of account abstraction. This makes it a robust solution for stablecoins and authorities looking for tailored, secure, and efficient token management within the blockchain ecosystem.

Ongoing Developments and Partnerships

Moonchute is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of an SDK designed for stablecoins and developers, aimed at facilitating the integration of issued AA-ERC20 tokens. This initiative is a crucial part of our effort to grow and improve our ecosystem. We are keen on forging partnerships and collaborations that resonate with our goal of fostering a more open and decentralized blockchain space. We invite developers, stablecoin aficionados, and potential partners to join us in this endeavor to revolutionize decentralized transactions.

Stay Tuned

Join us in this journey towards a more accessible and efficient blockchain ecosystem with AA-ERC20.