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MoonChute offers not one, but two pioneering apps aimed at revolutionizing how users interact with their crypto assets: the Smart Account Manager and the MoonChute Wallet. Designed to offer a glimpse into the next generation of crypto management, these apps showcase the transformative capabilities of smart account plugins, all while being anchored on the robust architecture of the MoonChute SDK.

Smart Account Manager: Your Personalized Gateway to Smart Accounts

At its core, the Smart Account Manager is designed to function as a personalized dashboard, granting users direct access to smart accounts associated with their EOAs (Externally Owned Accounts). With this tool, users are empowered to:

  • Asset Monitoring:

    Keep a close eye on assets across multiple smart accounts. From tracking asset growth to monitoring transaction histories, the Manager offers an encompassing view.

  • Advanced Transactional Features:

    In the near future, users will be able to execute transactions with specialized verification logic, ensuring that each transaction is as secure as it is efficient.

Our commitment to privacy and security is further emphasized with the integration of the Stealth plugin within the Smart Account Manager. This plugin facilitates:

  • Privacy-Preserving Interaction:

    Initiate a new smart account and enjoy the benefits of native signing mechanisms, all while maintaining a strict confidentiality standard.

MoonChute Wallet: Pioneering Safety and Convenience in Crypto Management

The MoonChute Wallet is our tribute to the future of asset management. Recognizing the ever-growing threats of phishing and cyber-attacks, the wallet has been meticulously crafted to offer:

  • Enhanced Security with 2FA:

    The integration of 2FA, fortified by the power of Account Abstraction, ensures that users enjoy an added layer of security with Email or Passkey that is currently unparalleled in the market.

  • Adaptive User Experience with Ephemeral Pass:

    Recognizing that user experience is paramount, MoonChute Wallet introduces the Passkey-based Ephemeral Pass plugin. This innovative UX plugin has been designed to:

    • Seamless dApp Interactions:

      Granting users a fluid experience on dApps, reducing friction in their daily interactions.

    • Temporary Safety Threshold:

      An adaptive safety that ensures even if the pass is compromised, the damage is limited and manageable.