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AA-ERC20 Contracts

Implementation: AA-ERC20 Paymaster

The AA-ERC20 Paymaster represents a significant advancement in blockchain transaction handling, offering a streamlined approach to gas fee payment.

Traditional paymasters for smart accounts, such as Verifying Paymaster and ERC20 Paymaster, require permissioned operations and specific pre-activation. This process can be cumbersome and compromise privacy, especially for smart accounts using stealth address plugins.

The AA-ERC20 Paymaster resolves these issues by integrating the functionalities of "AA-ERC20" and "ERC20 Paymaster." This allows the conversion of ERC20 tokens into AA-ERC20 tokens, enabling permissionless gas fee payments.

Speedrun AA-ERC20

  • Contracts: The contracts are elegantly simple. Check em' out.
  • SDK: Coming soon.


Coming soon.